Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I don’t Read Other People’s Material

People offer their books to me, what they’ve written or other materials they believe strongly in and they want my opinion. I politely decline and you might ask why?

The simple reason is that as a Deep Trance Channel I decided very early on, and my publisher completely supports me in this, that I wanted to bring through material that was either entirely new or that was so far in the distant past that there was no written record of it anymore and therefore the material would be something that could have a benevolent influence in our times and I wanted to bring through only that that would have a benevolent influence.

So, as a result I’m putting up this brief post just to let you know that even though I respect other peoples materials that they’ve written and in some cases even admire the people - but I will have to say no in the nicest possible way if you want me to read those materials.

I’m not just talking about people who channel - I do not read any other spiritual material.

Once upon a time before I was channeling I read things like that and I found them very inspiring so I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, I’m just saying that’s why I don’t.

Alright. Goodlife


Robert Shapiro said...

You think I'm being competitive but you read my post, yes? You don't get it?

Ms. Michael said...

Let it BE. It's ALL GOOD. Sing the Song of Trusting the Heart.

Robert Shapiro said...

I can see that I was not clear enough and did not explain the background of making such a decision. I've added a link in the first paragraph that will expand on how and why I came to this decision.

Jennifer Montgomery said...

Oh Robert, I don't get any of this. I do think you have a deep gift and genius insights, and I'll leave it at that. Goodlife.