Friday, July 12, 2013

Teaching People How To Channel Is Not Something I Do

(Update) Lately I've been receiving more requests from people to teach them how to channel or to teach them how to get in touch with their higher selves. This is not something that I teach to people to do though there are others that do so very well. *Lyssa Royal teaches people how to do this in Japan and according to her new website she may be available to teach it in the United States and elsewhere if you can get a group together. You could inquire at her site.

I have in the past helped people individually, who were already channeling, to get to a deeper level or to be able to move on to a teacher who could be more profound and topical. I have not done this for a while though I am sharing other guidance here along the lines of my experience as a channel and providing advice to those who are already channeling.

I wish you well in your pursuit of wisdom.


*I've updated this a bit so I'm posting it here as well as on my Channeling Guidance for the Channeling Student blog. The update concerns Lyssa Royal's channeling classes.