Monday, June 19, 2023

At Home Within

These times are stressful and completely unprecedented when you factor in all of the complications of our modern-day technology. 

Yes of course, it is a great help to us - computers, our phones that you just touch and things happen and yet they are so enticing, these devices, that they tend to carry our own lives in them. 

This does not mean that we are actually in the devices even though we may have pictures in them, others may have pictures of us in them, you know what I mean but we become entirely too caught up in the devices and then we seem to get behind in our lives. This is just a reminder to stay grounded. 

Every day take a look around at your house or your car and keep it in some way where you feel welcome. It doesn’t have to look perfect, it just needs for you to be able to feel welcome. 

This welcoming idea is not new as referred to here and yet even with that there is the day-to-day. 

Look to your friends and family, stay in touch with them and if they’re entirely caught up in the electronic universe invite them to lunch or to dinner and do something that does not require photographs of the meal. How might that happen? 

Get them involved in making something even if they don’t normally make food. Stay grounded. That’s my recommendation for today. Goodlife 


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Minor Changes on My Blogs

Laws have changed in the European Union that have to do with some elements on my blogs, so I’ve removed those elements to comply. I hope these removals haven’t inconvenienced you. Do know that I welcome you all to read these blogs. Goodlife

Saturday, May 27, 2017

What is Deep Trance Channeling the Way I Do It.

I have been asked to describe deep trance channeling the way I do it and here’s my explanation for what it is. 
 For years and years in the beginning I practiced to be able to focus on one thing exclusively and over time I was able to do that.
 During that time of practice I was also able to build up a certain amount of what I would call ethics in our modern world. Those ethics had to do not only with the ethics I was raised with, which is about honoring other people’s needs and showing respect but also adhering to the ideal of privacy so that when I channeled for others on a personal basis that their private information would be protected. 
 The way I was able to do this and have been able over time as I have applied is to stay totally focused in what I am doing which is to create the clearest possible connection of myself and the Being whom I am channeling and to not be attached to or even particularly listen to what they are saying through me to others for the others benefit - meaning the benefit of the person asking the questions. 
 I feel that the foundation of what I am telling you about my process must be based in ethics because that’s really what it’s all about. It’s about a dedication to the well-being of others while providing for my own necessities. 
 This is not a job to go into because you’re looking for something to make lots of money, it’s not about that. It’s about a dedication to improving the quality of life by providing the clearest possible information that is available either on an individual basis when asked by a person or on a basis that is designed to reveal what is, to the greatest number of people which has to do more with books, magazine articles and others along that line - these days perhaps videos eh. 
 So aside from the concentration that I had to develop to maintain that connection in the best way possible, I had to give up a lot of my personal ambition. 
 We are all raised to succeed are we not? Even in some small ways - and it’s a hard one but when you focus completely on one thing it is possible to set all of those personal ambitions aside especially if you remain completely dedicated to improving the lot of the life of everyone in the best and most benevolent way you can. 
 It’s true that I am unable to improve the lot of some over others - meaning it’s true that I do not make an effort to compete by improving say, one country’s goals or political aims or one religion’s goals or political aims, so I understand when some people, because of their politics or their religion, do not like what I do. 
 That has to do with their beliefs and I understand that but just know that my goal is to serve the needs of all beings in the most benevolent way I am able. 
 Now, I know you think I’m digressing but it’s not so for I am answering the question as it was asked of me. 
 Now, my goal then and what I have practiced to do is to make connections with Beings who have shown to me over time that they are able to provide the greatest wisdom that would be of benefit to individuals in their individual circumstances for say a private reading as it’s called or as I call it, a private session and also to be able to provide from their point of view, history and what they believe is so about the world and the universe and all life. 
 I have asked it to be like that rather than asking for the truth - granted others have asked in their questions to tell the truth about this and to tell the truth about that and while I have been raised to adhere to the truth as my watchword, when looking about in our society today, both locally and globally, the word truth has been so knocked about that I am inclined to step around it and say, here is what I believe. So I will ask you to accept that - or to let it go for I am speaking what I believe here today. 
 So over time working with the Beings that I have been putting out their material for a while, and before that others just to practice, I have learned who on the spirit level means well and delivers to the best of their ability, knowledge and wisdom that will help - and who means well and delivers to the best of their ability the knowledge and wisdom that actually helps.
 There are a great many Beings in spirit who mean well and who would like to give knowledge and wisdom that is of great help but they are not always so helpful - and others who really are helpful. How to know the difference?
 It takes time and practice. The number one means by which I know is the energy that I feel from the Being when I’m getting ready to bring someone through. 
 It is a process that involves the feeling of energy, the knowing and the coming together temporarily while I’m channeling. 
 I have asked to be able to channel at the deepest and most profound level many times because if we want to have profound truths, alright - there I used the word, in order for it to feel as though it is relevant and yes truthful it must feel that way because what thinks true or what is convincingly true is not true enough from my point of view. 
 When I look at history books I can see that a great many people have been driven by what they thought was true or by what they were convinced was true but how true was it really when you look at the results. 
 I have discovered that the best truth is that which feels true right down to the core of your being and if you want to know what that feels like simply say - well, “When I want to look at blue sky I look up during the day.” You understand? 
 It has to be something that is an obvious truth for which there is a feeling that there is no doubt about it. The sun is in the sky in the daytime. The moon is in the sky in the nighttime. Like that, things that you know are true. 
 It can’t be mentally true only, it must be physically true which means that you know it is so because you have looked in the sky for yourself - not only because others have told you that it is so, no matter how convincingly.
 So, given these precepts and others primarily focused on practice and dedication I have discovered who is able to share, from their point of view, what will help individuals and what will help many many beings and what, yes, is true. 
 I realize you may think I’m rambling around here a bit but to describe what is channeling is not sufficient. You must know, from my point of view, that I want to learn how to do it, yes - in the beginning eh but I also need to know how to do it well
 I read initially books that were channeled that I felt good about. I read things that were foundational elements of philosophy. I took a little philosophy in college as well so I got the idea of what philosophy was. Philosophy was a point of view, an opinion that was believed by one or more individuals to have an everlasting truth. 
 From my point of view, while that was a satisfactory explanation there needed to be a felt truth - a feeling that is true. 
 So I have always asked, when I channel a Being and when I ask for a Being to channel as I did in the beginning when I was looking for Beings who had much to offer at the profound level - I asked to feel a energy that I could recognize as benevolent, deep, profound and yes - loving because that has to be done, this sharing of wisdom at a level that is dedicated to unconditional love of all beings so it has to have forgiveness built into it. 
 It is in the nature then of such love that I have discovered the energy that I recognize that provides the greatest wisdom for the greatest number. 
 So connecting with those energies I bring through the Beings that I believe will provide the greatest wisdom for the greatest number and I particularly feel good about the series of books that I have been able to channel called the Explorer Race series and also the Shamanic Secrets series though the other books have appeal as well. 

 Read them all, you scholars out there, and make up your own mind - or feel into it and see if it has value to you. Or if you prefer, read one or just a little bit of one. I support you in your endeavors to find your own truth and to come to conclusions that serve the greatest number in the greatest way and in the most loving and benevolent way. Goodlife

Friday, April 1, 2016

Why We Ask For Benevolent Energies

Why do we ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for us to be all around us and all about us before we request a transformation in the form of benevolent magic, living prayer, true magic and so on? 

Well of course these are the beings who will help to bring about what you are requesting in the most benevolent way, as I’ve said before but there is more. 

The very presence of these beings will help to relax you. Then instead of having upsetting feelings or even grief or some such, as you might in an urgent situation for yourself or others, you’ll feel better and it will help to bring about what you are requesting. 

This is why I talk so much about feelings because how you feel before and during a request may help to generate the most benevolent outcome that you are requesting. 

Remember always that you are a portion of the transformation you are requesting. So, if you remember this you will not only feel better about what you are doing or what you have been able to find out has been done but you will also be able to feel grateful not only for the co-operation of others but also for your own physical self and your feeling self and yes, your spiritual self in helping to bring it about. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Walking The Path With Spiritual Cats

Have you seen spiritual cats in transit. Sometimes cats can run right through walls if they’re spiritual cats and you’ll see that in this long post where I’ve collected various links from previous posts to put here. You’ll see it in your mind’s eye - no video of such things.

There is another way they travel and that is that when they run through solid objects - where do they go? How do they find their way? 

I’ve been privileged to see, several times, cats walking the way from one dimension to another and back to the dimension where we live. 

This is what they do: They walk very carefully and they look down in front of themselves. They have a straight path - when I have seen them - a straight path. If they happen to notice me then they go completely not visible to me either. If they don’t happen to notice me then I can see them moving along very carefully - putting their feet very carefully where they need to go. 

I cannot tell you everything about what they do there, I can only say what I have seen. 

Here in this special section I’ve gathered other experiences I’ve had with spiritual cats, I hope you enjoy it. Goodlife to you all.

Photo is © B. Kim Barnes, used with permission, and can be found at


More About My Life With A Spiritual Cat

Some years ago when I was living with my then girlfriend, “Janice” and her cat “Tsish,” our cat started behaving in an unusual fashion. Janice told me about it first.

She said she was very worried and had me come into the back room. She said that Tsish had beenthrowing herself at the wall very hard and was hitting the wall hard and bouncing off and jumping back up on the bed, this was the bedroom, and throwing herself at the wall again.

Janice loved her cat and she was worried and since I was very close with Tsish I had looked at her and said, “This is important eh?” She looked back at me which means, yes. So I said, “When this happens again, I’d like to look through your eyes so I could see*. That would be okay?” She just stared at me which meant yes.

So, we both sat down. I sat down on one corner of the bed, Tsish sat on the other and Janice stood off a little ways.

All of a sudden I saw something on the wall, sharing the vision of Tsish. It was amazing. It was like a huge face but actually it reminded me of a mask because it was very large, much larger then a human being. The face was in a fixed form - no expressions. It really looked like a mask but it looked like a human face and it slowly started easing into the room through the wall. When it did Tsish threw herself at the face and then it disappeared. 

Tsish came back to the bed and hopped up on it and looked at me and I said, “Okay, I’ll take care of this. You don’t have to do that anymore.” She hopped off the bed and went into the other room.

Then I contacted some Beings I was working with in those days and asked them if they could clear the space of such episodes again and tell me, if possible, what was going on. They said they would clear the space and what was going on was an attempt by some beings to make contact but they did not know how to do that and so they were using that method.

They said that the beings were not quite the right energy for me to channel but that there would be other beings who would deliver their messages if possible.

All I can say is that since I channeled hundreds and hundreds of different beings, perhaps getting up well over 700 - maybe more, they’ve probably given their message but I can’t say which one it was because nobody ever referred back to this incident.

However this was so fascinating about my beloved Tsish, spiritual cat, I wanted to share it with you.



*To understand this process, I recommend that you read Communion With Other Species andCommunion With Other Species, Part 2 


Life With A Spiritual Cat

Some years ago I was living in the mountains with my then girlfriend, whom I shall call Janice, and her cat. She was a very special cat I will call Tsish. She was a most profound spiritual cat. Here is one of the many adventures I experienced with this amazing cat being. 

One day I was sitting in the living room of our modest apartment reading, as I recall, with Tsish in my lap. All of a sudden there was a quick flash of light that moved across the room. Tsish was off my lap in a flash tearing after the light. I was up in almost as much of a flash because I wanted to see where she was going, I’ll tell you why in a moment. 

Down the hall she went with me running after her. I wasn’t calling her, I just wanted to see where she was going. 

She rounded the corner into the bedroom and I managed to get around the corner myself just in the nick of time to see this very small and very bright light zoom across the room into a corner. It lit up that corner for a second and was gone but the light lingered for just a moment and Tsish running full speed ran straight into the light and right through the wall and vanished. 

Needless to say, that got my attention for several reasons. One, I wasn’t surprised because she was a most unusual spiritual cat and two, she had been disappearing out of our small apartment for some time and we had been absolutely unable to find her. 

So, I remember Janice was in the bathroom taking a bath. She yelled out, “What’s all that running around out there?” I said, "I may just have discovered where Tsish is going.” 

When Janice got out of the bath I told her what had happened. She was still determined to look around the apartment to find Tsish. Needless to say, she couldn’t find her. 

On one previous occasion when we were looking for Tsish, I had come across her in a most unexpected place but between us, Tsish and I, we had decided to keep it quiet so Tsish could have her quiet time in her quiet space. We all need that from time to time eh? 

I told Janice that I had an idea where Tsish might show up. Janice felt reassured when I told her that I was certain that Tsish was quite safe and would be back. 

Well we waited and I could feel Janice being uncomfortable as she loved her cat dearly as so many of us love our pets. When Janice and I got together she had had Tsish for quite a few years and was, of course, very attached to her. 

So about two hours later I walked down to hall to the bathroom. Janice thought I was going to use the facilities so she didn’t come after me.

The bathroom was small and had a tall and narrow linen cabinet up high where we kept the towels. The door was latched, I think magnetically. I gave the door a pull and there was a stack of towels that was completely undisturbed but I had seen her in there once before as I said, looking very sleepy eyed scrunched in behind the towels. 

I peeked behind the towels and there she was. Tsish picked her head up and opened her eyes just a little bit looking very dreamy and I must say with a very beautiful energy radiating all around her. I softly said to her, “I thought you might be here. I’m going to leave the door ajar so you can push it open easily when you’re ready to come out. Take all the time you need. I’ll see you later.” Also, I didn’t touch her so she could be in the energy. Tsish put her head back down and I closed the door but not all the way. 

I went back into the living room and sat with Janice. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes we heard the thump of her jumping to the floor. Janice got this happy, gleeful look on her face and she said, “You weren’t kidding,” to me. She ran down the hall and picked up Tsish with the greatest of joy and gave her a big hug. 

I think spiritual cats have been teaching us for a long time that there’s more to life here on Earth than is always obvious to us. That’s just one of my many adventures with one of my all-time favorite spiritual cats. 

I wish you all well with your cats and dogs and other beings and leave you with this, you never know when you might have a wonderful spiritual experience with a friend - either two legged, four legged or other. 



Hand Motions In Autism - Can There Be Another Meaning

Alright, something brief but that which I feel is important. Many of you have heard of the challenges parents face with the many and varied symptoms of what is called autistic in youngsters. This has come to be more of a variety of symptoms then very narrow specific symptoms as they may have been more so in the past. Certain new unusual behaviors are seen but I wish to mention one of them today not because I want to interfere with doctors and other health practitioners in helping these youngsters and their families but rather because I feel that it is important to let you know that there is more going on here then meets the eye.

Sometimes it is possible to communicate in hand language. We all are familiar with or have heard of sign language that people use and have used down through the ages and that people even use today whether they can speak or understand another persons language to say nothing of speaking with passion and strong feelings where one tends to naturally use their hands but what you may not know is that there are other forms of communion that take place associated with hand motions.

Let me explain. Some time ago when I was living with one of my favorite spiritual cats I had the opportunity to communicate with a different life form based upon the interaction of my cat, that life form and me and the upshot of that was that I discovered that sometimes it is possible to receive a form of communication that involves hand motions even though you as a person may not understand what that hand motion means.

It is possible to sleep and dream deeply during sleep and to wake up and have a sense of what that motion means. In my case since I've had so much training I was able to interpret what the motion means and because my spiritual cat was present, by her behavior in my speaking out loud what those hand motions meant I was able to ascertain that I got it right or that I didn't get it right.

And the way that works for those of you who have spiritual cats you're living with is that if you speak something out loud whether it has to do with the cat or not - if they are working with you and co-operating with you in your spiritual ventures the cat will either turn their head away or walk away if you're getting it wrong but if you speak the thing that it is about the cat will look right at you or come over to you or acknowledge in some way like that that you've got it right.

So I'm bringing this up because there are youngsters now who fall under the general heading of autistic but one of the things about autistic youngsters is that they are very in touch spiritually and may pass on communion from spirit beings who are present.

You may know this, you may not. Spirit has been attempting to reach out to us human beings here on Earth for a long time in a lot of ways and now as is not unusual the most receptive of us human beings are able to interpret, if not communicate well, those messages - and by interpret I mean demonstratethose messages.

So do not assume that your youngsters making those hand signs and waving their arms around - that it is some problem with their autism, if they have that - whether they are high functioning or not. It may very well be a form of communion from loving spirit beings.

In my experience before with that communion with those spirit beings and with the assistance of my spiritual cat I found that they were profoundly loving, had wonderful advice to offer and I benefited from the experience.

Again, I'm not trying to tell you how to conduct your therapies with your children or with your patients but I do feel it's important to pass on this experience I've had and I believe may be - possibly - occurring with at least some of these youngsters.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Timelessness With A Spiritual Cat

I was thinking about this the other day because I was recalling my time in Colorado - a beautiful place. I particularly like Durango and my friends there.

I recall one time when I was in the living room of one of my friends trying to explain something to her that I'd seen in a vision. It was a vision of ancient times on this planet - perhaps Egypt, perhaps just something that we identify with Egypt - I don't know the place but that's what it felt like.

I was trying to describe what people would do there - initiates perhaps or what we sometimes call priests of those times.

In the course of the explanation I was attempting to describe how spiritual cats of that time would interact with those who were attempting to help people.

If the healing or helping person could not grasp what it was to be done for that person who needed help or they didn't have enough energy and needed a little bit more to assist that person back to better health then the cat who was involved in such work with that healing or helping person, and they would have had a close tie you see, would then get on that person's right arm and wrap themselves around that arm so that the cat's head would be resting just past or on the wrist.

And the healer person would by holding the cat and the cat gripping with its forelegs the forearm of the person aim their arm with the cat on it towards that person, place or thing that they were attempting to help and the cat would somehow support that endeavor but it was hard to describe this to my friend and she didn't quite understand.

Her cat, one of my all time favorite cats, was listening to all of this and suddenly she jumped up and placed herself exactly like that wrapping herself around my arm and resting her head on my wrist holding on tight the way I was describing.

I remember my friend looking at her cat with wonder and I enjoyed the experience very much and when I was done with my story, cat got down and walked away.

Who says they don't understand us. I think our beloved four leggeds understand everything we say. Just because they don't always go along with what we want doesn't mean they don't understand what we're talking about. I don't know if they understand our words but they sure do understand our meaning. Aren't they wondrous beings. My hats off to cats and dogs and other beloved four leggeds we live with.



Lessons From My Cat

I remember times in the past when things were hard - you understand - hard times, right.

One day when my cat was still with me she hopped up onto my lap and started purring and I find that so very comforting. I started petting her and she purred a little louder and I felt myself relaxing and feeling better.

At one point she looked up at me - just looked right at me and I always knew because she was a very spiritual cat that when she looked at me pointedly like that that something was going on that she felt I ought to pay attention to. I gave it some thought and it occurred to me that my cat was showing me how to give by receiving.

Think about it. I didn't feel good and I was unhappy at that time and my cat jumped up into my lap as I said and I started to feel better because she laid down on my legs and just by being, just by existing and by making that sound I liked and by keeping me company I was comforted and yet she was receiving because I was petting her. Petting her made me feel better.

Is it not a wondrous thing how our four legged friends, dogs or cats or others, can comfort us by receiving. I feel that sometimes we give by receiving as well and the other way around can happen also.

My feeling is that there are other circumstances like this that I recall. I recall being down in the past - depressed and worn out by life - you know what I mean and someone needed what I had to offer - called me up or came up to me and even though I was tired I provided what I could and afterwards I felt better about that and in a way I realized that I was giving - yes but I was also receiving and it reminds me of that time with my beloved cat.



Animals Do Teach Us

Do you know that there are some animals on this planet that are able to teach by more than example. They are able to provide sounds that are meaningful to us.

We as human beings get used to the idea that there are other beings on the planet - we have all gotten used to that. We see the animals that we know and love and we also see other animals that we just have to get accustomed to whether we like them or not - and of course there are the birds and the fish and all others that we live amongst.

I have said here for some time and in print as well that the animals are not here to learn anything - this is what I've been taught and this is what I believe after years of experience. They are here to teach - yes by example but there is more. Some animals can actually make sounds that are not for them.

Today I will give you such an example that is a sound meant exclusively for the use of human beings. This is the sound,"eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo." [Pronunciation: e as in seed, y as in yes, a as in ah, o as in zoo.]

This sound is provided by a being - you understand a type of being - that is very popular on Earth and that is the cat. The house cat, as we call them, make this sound to us.

It is largely misinterpreted as being meow but in fact there is no m. If you listen to it when a cat says this to you, this is an actual suggestion that the cat is giving. It is not simply because they cannot make the m sound - there is no m sound.

Do you know - they do not make this sound to each other. For those of you who have lived around cats and have noticed them interacting with each other - they do not make this sound to each other. They might glance up, look at a human being and make that sound.

Now why are they giving us that message. Those who live around cats know that cats will often take on energies, especially for a beloved human being that they live with, that can only be described as some suffering or aspect of disease or discomfort that the human being is either going through or could go through with some harm to the human being.

To a degree the cat can transform that energy into something more comfortable but there is also the fact that sometimes they will take on something and it will cause the cat to get ill. This is not always the case, of course, why cats get ill but it is sometimes the case - and I might add that dogs and other creatures that live with us do this as well.

Cats however, are able to give this message. Some of you have actually had the experience where a cat will stop and stare right at you and make this sound. Of course, many times it's like talking to a young child isn't it - that's our reaction - we don't know what that means.

"What is it dear. Are you hungry? Do you need to go out?" In short, we go through the guessing game - what does it mean - and while it might be simply that the cat would also like something to eat and would also like to go out that's fine but it's not that exclusively. There's more to it than that.

Eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo is a sound that is meant for us to make out loud and it will reduce our level of stress in our physical world.

It can actually be used before a stressful situation if you know one is coming up. If you say the sound out loud about 4 or 5 times or more if it feels comfortable or reassuring then it will help to head off a degree of the impact of the stress upon you. Sometimes you can be doing other things and say the sound and it will be calming.

I'm not sure if it could be used safely when driving a car or operating machinery but I feel it can be used in the middle of the day - say on a coffee break. You can say it quietly but my feeling is that it is important to say it out loud in some way even if it is almost a whisper. The physical sound seems to help. I have tried it and it does work.

So - I'm not saying it's a cure-all but I am saying that when we begin to make the sound ourselves and use it in our lives and memorize it for ourselves - I think you'll find that most cats do not say, "eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo" to you anymore unless they feel that you have forgotten to say the sound, you're in a stressful situation and if you just say the sound now - you'll feel better.

Now, don't take this as a reason to not to check to see if the cat needs to go outside or needs something to eat. It's just something I felt I'd pass on to you at this time because it's a beautiful example of how animals teach.



MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2006
Communion With Other Species, Part 2

Today I want to continue what we started last time and thats Communion With Other Species.
Last time I suggested how you could feel your physical body and extend your physical awareness into a piece of wood or a stick or furniture and notice the change of density. This preparation is going to be helpful for what I suggest you do today.

If you have a dog or a cat or a horse or another pet - someone who is familiar with you that you've been around a lot who likes you and you like them - that is essential. Or at least someone, some being you understand, with which you feel a rapport - not another human being because we're attempting to learn here - are we not - communion with other species.

This is what I recommend you do - this works best with cats but it can also work with dogs and other creatures - I recommend that you become aware of your physical body in the way we practiced last time. First you will touch your chest with your hands and feel touching your chest, then you will be in your chest feeling hands touching your chest - see. So go into your body that way and be in your physical body - moving throughout your physical body as you choose and when you become in that heightened state of physical awareness I'm going to encourage you to extend, don't go out of your body, extend into your cat or dog or other creature and notice what they do. Don't do this while they are asleep but do this if they are at a distance - not touching you.

Most animals will acknowledge in some way that this is alright or it is not. If your dog or cat suddenly moves away from you or looks at you in a way that is disapproving for those of you who understand their looks then stop immediately. Say, "Goodlife" to them which is a way of honoring them and wait to do this at another time when they approve or do so with another dog and another cat - you may have more than one. What I recommend then is if they approve they will either not look at you or they will relax and even appear to be, in some cases in a slightly altered fully relaxed state.

I'm going to choose a cat as a model. If you're extending from your physical body notice the change of density - you might actually have somewhat of a sensation of the cat's tail moving, or the cat moving its claws slightly in the carpet or rug or dirt or grass. If the cat is moving about a little bit see if you can feel it. Remember, you must stay in your body physically so that you have your own sense of physical touch about you.

Then if the cat is accepting this and has eyes open, then see - try - see if you can see out of the cat's eyes. You may have to close your own eyes to have that experience. If you do - go ahead. Some of you will be able to see out of the cat's eyes and your own simultaneously - that could be confusing but if it works for you go ahead. You will see things through the cat's eyes that you do not normally see.

Many of you have seen cats suddenly look at something and you look and you don't see anything. This will give you an opportunity to see what they see. It will not be frightening. The things they are looking at are things that are present in your world and are benign but are of other worlds. For many of you this will give you a chance to have that experience you've wanted to have for so long where you can see other worlds in your own world. If you see something that is confusing or unsettling then open your own eyes and look with your own eyes. This will automatically pull you back a bit from cat.

This is what I recommend that you do in order to experience other species. For those of you who have dogs - try that with dog and see if you can see through dog's eyes. Dogs have great heart and you might see things that move you and cause you to feel very strong in feelings.

Try this out with different creatures and after you have done it with your own pets who know you and feel good about you then if you like you can try the same technique with a living tree. If you can, pick a tree that is not a sapling - not a young tree but one that is older and wiser. You might feel the sense of the wind rustling the leaves or the sun or the rain landing on the needles or leaves of the tree.

Don't try to speak or have communion with words. Just experience the feelings and the extension of your own feelings and senses. Thats what I'm going to suggest for now. I will build on this in time either on this site or on Benevolent Magic site.



Insights Through Motion

I would like to offer a little insight to you today. When you look around and you see the eyes of your friends and even - for those of you who live with dogs and cats and other pets - their eyes you will see in those eyes feelings. 

It is not always easy to portray your feelings in words. This is something I understand well. So I want to encourage you to do something that I have found in the past to be most valuable and that is to portray your feelings in motion.

I know many of you would be embarrassed to get up and dance your feelings. For those of you who can dance your feelings, without music now - just dancing your feelings as you feel them - not your thoughts, then I say please do so at least once a month but for those of you who would be shy to do so and I feel many of you may and I understand completely - then I'm going to recommend this. When you have a little time, even five, ten minutes glance in the mirror - you will see feelings. I know many times you will look at your eyes looking back at you and you will be stimulated in your thoughts but try to look at your eyes only as if you were attempting to read the feelings in another. Then see if by moving your arms and hands you can demonstrate those feelings. 

There's a reason for this. In the past I have had the opportunity to live with a most benevolent and spiritual cat. As you know cats often try to communicate though they are not always understood. This particular cat had the capability to communicate quite well with me since I have trained to understand non verbal communication. I am not always the adept at this but I have had some success. So when my cat friend found something that required my attention, she felt as a spiritual person, then she would come over to me, make it clear that she wanted me to follow her and would walk into the space where she wanted me to put my attention. 

Then working together she would help me to see what it is that I could not see with my own eyes and this is what I did. She would allow me to share by projecting into her body. I did not leave my body. I kept my physical awareness in my body so I would be aware of contact but she would either jump up on the mantle or she would sit and stare at the space she wanted me to see. I would extend my physical awareness into her body and even though I was quite conscious of my own body I could feel her tail moving slightly, I could feel her claws gripping the carpet or the wood - whatever she was on - she would move slightly perhaps to allow me to know that I had extended into her body for the purpose of this spiritual activity and she would, and this was the most important part, she would stare at the space she felt required my attention and when she did this on one particular occasion I could see these objects. 

They looked like little yellow balls and they were bouncing up and down. I know that sounds funny. I thought it looked amusing too and I did not understand why she felt this needed my attention and the moment I had this thought she looked at me. She broke her attention from the corner of the room where these objects were moving about and I realized she would never do that unless she felt this was important. So she moved her head back and then I could see the objects. 

I then felt that the objects looked cheerful and walked over and stood in that corner even though I could not see the objects anymore because I did not have a direct connect with my friendly cat. I just stood there and experienced the energy. I could definitely feel a change in the energy. I then walked back out to where my cat and I had had that connection and she was gone. This always meant that she had completed her part of the job in this spiritual manner and moved off to allow me to assimilate either what I had learned or to take the next step. 

I felt that I could try to perhaps channel something from these beings but I did not feel anything. So then I felt a - more of a feeling associated with my contact with them and I started to move and while I was moving - it was a form of dance I suppose but very slow - and while I was moving I had the thought, more than once, that later I would like to either dream or get a short channeling perhaps of what these beings were trying to communicate so that I would have some words from them. I finished the moving and that was that. 

That night I did have a dream and I woke up with the words that these beings were from a cheerful place where motion was their way of expressing happiness. I think there was more but this is the main thing I remember. 

I feel that motion has a profound capability, as a result of that experience and considerable other teaching that I have received, to communicate. We know - we have all had perhaps, encounters with people that do not speak our language and as a result through attempts at trying to decipher their words and their attempts to decipher ours - with considerable physical motion we have had communication of a sort. I feel that physical motion will be a significant component of our communication with our fellow beings all over the world in times to come and that these times are almost here. 

I'm recommending therefore the motion that you can perform by responding and reacting to the feeling you see in your own eyes and if you feel the desire, ask to dream and wake up with the meaning of that motion that you make. Please do not do something flip or callous. Remember that you are communicating with your own inner being. It has been said by many that the eyes are the key to the soul. 

I believe that Creator has intended it to be this way since Creator of course would know that we would have many languages here. I am not trying to say that these words from me to you are from Creator but rather that preparations for communication both physical and worded may be of value for our communion in the future and as you know I identify communion as true communication with benevolence that is well understood on the feeling level though not always fully integrated in the mind though my feeling is it will be integrated most importantly in that feeling self that prompts us to know that the state of well being is upon us. 

Is that not a wonderful feeling. I have had it a few times and always find it most nurturing and encouraging. I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity for such benevolent feelings frequently now and as time goes on. 
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Regarding Questions On My Blogs

I am glad you are all interested in these things. I know I may not have answered your questions yet but as I've said to others at times: If I don't answer your questions immediately it is because I'm either thinking about them or I'm working on other things and I'll get around to answering them in time. If I haven't answered them in a year, re-phrase them and ask them again. 

Occasionally the questions will be answered in some form in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Keep in mind I am only one person working on all of the blogs and the videos and more.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I don’t Read Other People’s Material

People offer their books to me, what they’ve written or other materials they believe strongly in and they want my opinion. I politely decline and you might ask why?

The simple reason is that as a Deep Trance Channel I decided very early on, and my publisher completely supports me in this, that I wanted to bring through material that was either entirely new or that was so far in the distant past that there was no written record of it anymore and therefore the material would be something that could have a benevolent influence in our times and I wanted to bring through only that that would have a benevolent influence.

So, as a result I’m putting up this brief post just to let you know that even though I respect other peoples materials that they’ve written and in some cases even admire the people - but I will have to say no in the nicest possible way if you want me to read those materials.

I’m not just talking about people who channel - I do not read any other spiritual material.

Once upon a time before I was channeling I read things like that and I found them very inspiring so I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, I’m just saying that’s why I don’t.

Alright. Goodlife