Monday, May 5, 2014

Choices? How to Know What's the Best Choice

Recently, a friend mentioned to me that she knew a great many people who were at a choice point in their life. They could go this way, they could go that way - perhaps even other possibilities and it was difficult for them to know. How to know what's the best choice.

I have put out material on the blogs here and various other places to help support decisions like this. I want to share with you today a few links that I shared with my friend. Perhaps you have a choice in your life or something you're not sure about and would like to know if there isn't some way by which you, on your own, can get a means to make choices that will work better for you.

I'm going to recommend that you follow the links here. First one, then the other and so on and I feel that after that you'll have a pretty good idea of how you might make choices.

You can, if you like, either read the blog posts or watch the videos or both. It's up to you.

Blog posts:
and after that, this as a follow-up:

As a video, there is this - How To Know, Part1: 
and then this - How To Know, Part 2:
and follow-up with this - How To Know, Part 3:

Goodlife my friends.


Kirsten K said...

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Robert Shapiro said...

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Margie said...

Many thanks, Robert.

Robert Shapiro said...

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Goodlife my friend.

mm said...

thank you, good life

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