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Re-Create Your Life

During times like this, troubling times yes but also good times, there's a desire to help make the world a better place - and many people are working and striving for that.

There is also a system that I have used very effectively to improve the quality of my life and I would like to, very much, share that system with you. Someday there may be a book out by my publisher that will go into more elaborate measures with this system but what I want to provide here will be the basics - the total foundation you need to re-create your life.

It will take a while but as you begin doing it, even in the beginning stages, I believe you will feel better. I know I did. 

It starts off with the Heart Love, also called Heart Warmth*, and I have written about that and videos are out from Grandfather such as this one. There are links here of course. But there is more.

There is also a process you can use that builds on that called Disentanglement**. It is a wondrous process and it's very specific to you. Only you need know what you are doing with Disentanglement. Therefore you can pursue the matter. It will take time but it will relieve you of a great deal of tension and old stuff. 

It is not something that you have to slog through on your own. Gold Light Beings and Light Beings, also known as Angels, will help you through this process and they'll do most of the hard work but you will have to think and you will have to check yourself to see how you feel. That will become clearer as you read more about the process.

There is one last thing that I recommend you can do at this time beyond Disentanglement and that is Deep Disentanglement. I recommend that if you wish to do Deep Disentanglement then do this part first and then if you would like to, you can try this part. Deep Disentanglement allows you refresh and renew portions of your own body through a process very similar to Disentanglement and again the Gold Light Beings and Light Beings will do most of the work. You just have to focus and be clear about where the pain is, where the discomfort is and where the tension is in your own body and you can do this in your quiet moments.

I'm putting this out today because I feel it is a process worth sharing and I believe it will be of benefit to you as it has to me. 

Goodlife to you all.

*Heart Warmth

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Advice To My Friend On How I Know

Recently a friend that I've made through blogging put out a request on his blog for advice about a difficult time in the world. I can tell that he is attempting to acquire a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom not only for his own benefit but that he will share it with others as he sees fit. Since the question he asked was involved with how to know, this was the answer I provided to him and I thought I'd just share it with you as well.

My friend you have asked a most important question indeed. How to know the difference between opinions and advice offered by friends who may mean it with the best of intentions, that is of value and can be applied to your life and that which is not for you. It doesn't mean it's not of value but it is not meant to be applied to your life. It is simply meant to be let go and allowed to pass into the energy of the world of thought.

This is what I recommend. I'd recommend that you try something that has worked so well for me. It is a process, yes, it may not be immediately accessible but it works for me every day in all kinds of decisions. It is a physical feeling. I hope you find it to be of some value.

This is what I recommend. I recommend that you sit down in a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at a quiet time of the day - turn off the ringer on the phone so you won't be disturbed - and just ask for some quiet time from friends and family. Then put your hands on your heart area - just let them sit there and you'll notice probably, given your nature a feeling of warmth that is noticeable in your heart. Keep your hands there and let the feeling be present.

It might come up - that feeling of warmth might come up you see, in some other part of your body - perhaps your stomach or your solar plexus - maybe someplace else. When you notice that feeling of warmth see if you can just go into it - don't think about it - just go into that physical feeling of warmth and see if you can feel it more. 

I recommend then that every day or every other day you try to have that experience of physical warmth in your body - there's a reason.

Practice it for a week or two so that you can get to the point where you can just sit down or lay down quietly someplace and focus on feeling that physical warmth in your body even if it comes up in different places at different times - that's alright. It may come up here one day, there another day, that's fine. Maybe you won't have to put your hands on your body, maybe you will - either way is fine.

When you get good at this, you will then be able to use this as a physical means of: Yes, this is for me or there's another response in your body that is: No, this is not for me. It doesn't cast judgement however. It is simply - for you or not for you. I find this is a particularly appealing aspect of this work.

Then, what to do is this. I recommend that when advice comes to you no matter how logical and reasonable it is if you get an uncomfortable feeling about it then later on when you're on your own simply say out loud to yourself, "My friend gave me this advice today" and give a brief synopsis or just a couple of words about what he or she said. Notice how you feel in your physical body.

Do you feel warmth or do you feel a tightness or discomfort. If there is a tightness or discomfort just let it go right away. This means the advice no matter how well meant is not for you at least not in that form or not in that day. 

If you feel the warmth it means that this is for you or there is some aspect of it that may be advantageous for you to consider. If there is no feeling at all in your body, then rephrase the question and ask it another day. That's what I recommend.

It works well for me. I utilize it in all aspects of my life - not instead of thought but as well as thought. I find that my physical body has the capacity to offer this great form of intuitive wisdom to me and I hope it serves you well my friend.


Posted by Robert Shapiro at A Mystical Man's World

Then there is also this posted on Mystical Man Links:

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Simplified Version of Heart - Warmth

Here's a new simplified version of the Heart - Warmth which is designed to help you to feel better when exposed to intensities of the day as your heart feeling physically warm will tend to shove out stuff that may have become attached to you including ideas and energies that are not supporting you or have to do with feelings and energies of others.

Also it is the foundation for instinctual work that I have discussed extensively on my two other main blogs Benevolent Magic and A Mystical Man's World and also perhaps on Explorer Race blog.

Heart - Warmth:

I recommend that you sit down in a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at a quiet time of the day. Turn off the ringer on the phone so you won't be disturbed and just ask for some quiet time from friends and family. Then put your hands on your heart area - just let them sit there and you may notice a feeling of warmth that is noticeable in or around your heart. Keep your hands there and let the feeling be present.

It might come up in some other part of your body - perhaps your stomach or your solar plexus - maybe someplace else. When you notice that feeling of warmth see if you can just go into it - don't think about it - just go into that physical feeling of warmth and see if you can feel it more. I recommend then that every day or every other day you try to have that experience of physical warmth in your body using the method I have described here.

If you do not notice the feeling of warmth keep trying for about 10 to 15 minutes and then relax. Wait a few days and try again.


Basic Process

Lie on a flat surface on your back, hands by your side, palms down and slightly away from your body—preferably three hours after eating and before you go to sleep, but it works anywhere, anytime. Do not cross your legs or feet. This position allows you to become open and receptive.

Say out loud or whisper if necessary, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with Gold Light Beings come now and disentangle me from all my discomforts and their causes."

Close your eyes and try not to think. If you notice that you are thinking just stop. Don't give yourself a hard time about it. Just stop and try to keep your mind blank. You can do this for about 20 minutes or as long as you feel to do it or until you fall asleep. The process will continue through your light stages of sleep in the most benevolent way for you since when you are falling asleep your Guide is always present to receive you on your souls journey's at the deeper level of sleep.

For the next few weeks make a list of every person, circumstance or event in your life that makes you feel uncomfortable even in recollecting them or if their names come up in conversation by you or by others.

This is how to add it to the Disentanglement process. First make your initial statement as written above, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with Gold Light Beings come now and disentangle me from all my discomforts and their causes."

Pause for about a minute or so. Then add 1 or 2, no more then that, items from your list that you have been making and say, "I am specifically asking that you disentangle me from..." (then add in one of those things). 

In the case of an event say as few words as possible never justifying, arguing or adding anything other than the fewest words possible to describe that event. In the case of a person, just their name if you remember it. You may not and in that case a description of them in the simplest possible terms will be sufficient) "...and also from..." (and add in the other). 

You don't have to say 2 things, you can just pick one if you like and as stated above do this for about 20 minutes or for as long as you feel to do it or until you fall asleep. Do each name or event or circumstance for 3 to 5 days or until you feel comfortable when those names, places or events are brought up in conversation or in memory.

This process is intended to disconnect you from the conditioning and old tapes, as people say, from the past so that your life can feel more comfortable and with greater ease. Please also read the points listed directly below for further understanding of how this process works.

Speaks of Many Truths adds:

"You may notice that if you say those specific words or names during the course of your day, after you've done Disentanglement on them three or five times, you no longer feel as physically uncomfortable about them as you once did.

"This means the Disentanglement is working. The objective is to feel physically calm. Keep saying those specific words or names in your Disentanglement process until you feel physically calm when you or someone else happens to mention those words, names or events that once caused you to feel uneasy or uncomfortable. When you do, move on to other words or names on your list, never asking for more than one or two at a time."

Disentanglement - Disentangling Cords of Discomfort
The Spirit of Transformation through Robert Shapiro

I am the Spirit of Transformation. It is my intention to help you understand the meaning of disentanglement as compared to its impact upon you. It is not my job to analyze it, but rather to help you to appreciate how it works.

Disentanglement is intended to extricate you from the uncomfortable ties that bind you to portions of your demonstrated personality, which for the most part have very little to do with who you actually are and who you will show yourself to be once Disentanglement is well under way. You might say that it performs a clarifying function, but clarity in your time is often associated with the mind. However, Disentanglement is more associated with the physical body, the feeling self, the spirit self, the inspirational self and the instinctual self.

I am coming through to speak tonight in order to provide to the reader (and at some point the listener) the necessary understanding of the value of disentanglement, because the value allows you to gently, without trauma, release the portions of yourself you have taken on that are your masks, which you have had to take on to survive in your culture, family or society. Disentanglement allows you to gradually, gently remove these masks while gradually, gently counterbalancing that removal as the weights and measures tilt toward balance. You understand that Disentanglement allows this process to take place slowly, so that as the mask is gradually removed, the feeling that is generated is one of the emerging natural personality you were born with.

This is directly connected to the essence of your true self, meaning that which bears the marks of your immortal personality. These are the marks by which you might be recognized by someone you never met in a given life because there is a familiarity, a sense of feeling exchanged between you and someone else.

There are also these links for further information on Disentanglement for those of you who would like to pursue that as well as links to videos about Disentanglement from Grandfather:

Disentanglement (written blogs):

Disentanglement (videos):

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Preparing For All things Magical

Very often when doing different forms of Magic, True Magic, Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic and so on there are words to say in preparation. These are the words I most often recommend you say: "I am asking for all the most benevolent energies that are available for me to be all around me and all about me now." Sometimes we say it this way, "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me now be all around me and all about me now." And sometimes we even say it this way, "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me now be all around me and all about me."

You can use any version of this but only one of them any time you are going to do something that needs such energies. You don't have to use the same version every time, use the version that feels best to you.

If - before, during or after you feel energy come up strongly when preparing to say these words or in the midst of saying them, pause for a moment until the energy fades a little bit but does not go away completely. These are those energies - benevolent beings of light and so on that are coming to support what you are going to do. So you want to welcome them. That's why it's important not to rush on and say all the words or they will not be as involved as they might be if you wait for the energy to fade a bit. When it fades a bit that is almost like them saying - okay, you can continue.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More About Who I Am and What I Do

Greetings, the following 5 posts on Mystical Man Links - specifically: Trance Channeling - What Is It Really, On Being A Shaman, On Being A Mystic, Robert Shapiro: Shaman, Mystic, Professional Trance Channel, More About Robert Shapiro's Life as a Channel used to be on a service Google provided called Knol. Google has decided to take down Knol and will do so soon so I've reposted them here on Mystical Man Links.


Trance Channeling - What Is It Really

Greetings, my name is Robert Shapiro and I am a Shaman, Mystic and Professional Trance Channel. I've been channeling for a great many years now and I have quite a few books out which you might be able to discover if you follow the links.

I want to talk a little bit today about what Trance Channeling really is. For one thing, that term is a misnomer. There's no real trance involved. What it is is an altered state.

For those of you who do TM or meditation or get into inspired states where you feel to do this or feel to say that - it's very similar.

Trance Channeling is really speaking with inspiration. In my case I feel an actual energy - something physical. Not something vague or something hard to understand but something that's actually physical.

In my case I also experience something where my ego steps out of the way. I do not need to edit what's coming out. I also allow as much of the beings personality and energy to pass through me so that others may experience a greater sense of that being's identity. What comes out comes out in an inspired state with energy. Many people who are sensitive feel the energy and many people who do not consider themselves to be sensitive, though they may be, often experience a relaxed state.

This is not intended to coerce anyone. It is not intended to change anyone's mind. It is simply another way of bringing forth knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that we can consider with thought and perhaps if you so choose even act on in various suggested ways.

If you check any of my books or my blogs you will see that a great deal is suggested and homework is given. If you go to You Tube you will find quite a bit of my channeling a being known as Grandfather.

I'm not going to wear you down with all the steps that were necessary to get to the point where I am now. It did take many years of fine tuning to create a one hundred percent clear contact. So those of you who may be struggling with this know that it's alright to take your time to get to the point where you are bringing through knowledge, wisdom, information and yes perhaps even energy that is clear and that you feel good about.

You'll know that you're moving towards clarity when you listen back to it and you hear one or more things that you didn't know. Trance Channeling is simply another way of experiencing benevolent energies spoken with personality through a physical human being who can, through training, pass this through in a most benevolent way.


On Being A Shaman

Why do I call myself a Shaman. I'll tell you why. I have been taught the manner and the means to do prayers, blessings - sometimes with a form of dance, other times with a form of what I call the holy language.

These are words and sounds which have very benevolent impact on all life forms. It is a language that precedes our times here on Earth and it only comes forth from me during the time of these dances.

I'm using the term - dance as a description of what I do at times but it is more like something you might see done in T'ai Chi for example, though there is motion forward - though very slow.

Also there are other reasons I use the term Shaman for myself. I have been taught how to do blessings, as I say, and how to say special prayers through years and years of training. One such form is the prayer blessing, I have also been taught this. This involves a great deal of benevolent energy which activates, supports, nurtures and can, when done in the exact, best and most benevolent way, transform all into a more gentle benevolent existence.

I have been taught how and when to use transformation gently and benevolently and I feel good about the results. Transformation can only be accomplished through the agreement of all. All must be served and the result must serve all benevolently.

All these things and more I have been taught and the most important thing I've been taught is that my job is to be of service and it is to that end that I dedicate myself.

So sometimes, as you know for those of you who have done these things, it's not just what you say but how you say it. You have to have certain intents - meaning that you have to have the feelings in your body that desire something for yourself, your friends, your family or more likely most of the time - for others.

You have to also have a sense of service to the global community and that community might encompass a great many beings, most of whom you don't really know personally and/or whom you'll never meet - so it requires a great deal of unconditional love.

I am not trying to say that this is something that others cannot do for I feel that we are all born with this unconditional love and we learn by our exposure to culture and those around us that we cannot always safely show this and in some situations we even forget how to demonstrate it but there are other situations where it comes out in ways that cannot be restricted.

Most parents know what that's like - to love a child even when they do something they're not supposed to - you still love them don't you? Of course you do.

I am suggesting that only as an example you understand - but it's true, it's real. Our dogs and cats and other pets love us unabashedly, unashamedly and we love them the same way even when they do things we wish they wouldn't.

It's this kind of love which is really necessary. A devotion to being in service of all the needs of all the beings that you can help.

As a Shaman one learns that one is always on call but of course you do have your needs. You'll need to eat, you'll need to sleep and you'll need to keep up your energy and strength as best you can.

There will be times when people will require your help. You will know because you will get a feeling - oh I need to say this or I need to do that.

I am not talking about something that is used to control people - never that. I'm not talking about something that is intended to be manipulative - never that. I am talking about something that functions through prayer, blessing and occasionally dance as I've referred to it that supports all life in the most benevolent way.

I am not trying to say that I am some wonderful being. I am saying that I have received this training and it is way to extensive to go into here but I am giving you the basics of the description that may fit other people who are identified as being Shaman or Shamans and in some cases there are other definitions but in time you will find those definitions here on Knol or other places but for now I felt it was important to give you a general idea of what a Shaman is according to my experience and perhaps also covering a little bit of the experience of others.


On Being A Mystic

When I say Mystic what do I mean by that as a job title? For those of you who have read my blogs - for example this one, or this one and the others you might discover - at least partly what I mean.

     By Mystic I do not mean that I strive to keep the things that I have learned a secret. As a matter of fact it's just the opposite. I am doing my utmost to reveal with as much detail as possible the things I've learned and to the best of my ability teach you - at least those of you who are interested and wish to participate - how to apply them for yourselves in the most benevolent way.

     Thus I feel that my use of the word mystic as part of my job title is really something that is intended to reveal the mystic rather than to maintain it in shadowed secrecy. I feel that there is a great deal of that that is done by others as well so I do not wish to stake a singular claim to this definition.

     I am today however posting a little bit about what mystic means so that some of the cloud of doubt and confusion which seems to circulate even in authoritative places such as dictionaries can be clarified.

     It is not necessary to claim the title of Mystic if you are enshrouding secrets. After all, a great many secrets are enshrouded for this or that reason and they don't necessarily have to do with anything shamanic or anything that has to do with natural mysteries. What I attempt to help you with and explain is to reveal the nature of life and its natural mysteries in a way that is not only palatable but also in a way that can be as easily understood as possible.

     I know that the nature then of mysticism has been confused but if you examine any of my writings in my books or in my blogs such as you might find here or for example here you will discover that my identification with this word is entirely about revealing and it is my intention to continue to do so.

     I will say this one last thing about being a Mystic. I encourage those of you who have knowledge and wisdom about things shamanic and things to do with the natural world of animals and yes - our natural born innate abilities that Creator has deemed to bless upon us, to speak about these matters.

     It is possible now to help people to remember who they are, what they're doing here, why they're here and how they can access this knowledge and these capabilities within themselves. I have attempted to do this with my blogs and my books.

     I know a great many of you out there have much to share as well. Please do so and in the course of that I wish you well.


Robert Shapiro: Shaman, Mystic, Professional Trance Channel

Greetings. I am a Mystical Man practicing in the world of shamanism and incorporating the wisdom from great spirit teachers whom I have channeled. Many of these teachers have been published in books that can be found on Amazon and other fine bookstores. 

I have extensive training in interacting with energies and with life forms from the tiniest molecular to the largest beings even beyond our planet. It is possible with training, to interact with life forms in all ways that are benevolent. The key is keeping it benevolent for all beings, without exception.

As a Professional Trance Channel I have great appreciation for my publisher who has supported my work in books and magazine articles. I am presenting myself to you in this way because I want you to understand that the nature of my work is now greatly focused on the mystical. I am also committed to supporting all life in the most benevolent way through all the shamanic ways that are available to me.

I am hopeful that many of you will consider some of the things that I am publishing on blogs and that are published in the books as to whether they may be valuable in your life or even something to think about. It is my intention to do all I can to improve the quality of life for all peoples. On that note, I wish you a most benevolent good life.

More About Robert Shapiro's Life as a Channel

I'm sharing a little bit about my background here. How I came to be a Professional Trance Channel and got interested in the shamanic and spiritual worlds that I now practice in as well as a little more about my contacts with extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli.