Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Being A Mystic

When I say Mystic what do I mean by that as a job title? For those of you who have read my blogs - for example this one, or this one and the others you might discover - at least partly what I mean.

     By Mystic I do not mean that I strive to keep the things that I have learned a secret. As a matter of fact it's just the opposite. I am doing my utmost to reveal with as much detail as possible the things I've learned and to the best of my ability teach you - at least those of you who are interested and wish to participate - how to apply them for yourselves in the most benevolent way.

     Thus I feel that my use of the word mystic as part of my job title is really something that is intended to reveal the mystic rather than to maintain it in shadowed secrecy. I feel that there is a great deal of that that is done by others as well so I do not wish to stake a singular claim to this definition.

     I am today however posting a little bit about what mystic means so that some of the cloud of doubt and confusion which seems to circulate even in authoritative places such as dictionaries can be clarified.

     It is not necessary to claim the title of Mystic if you are enshrouding secrets. After all, a great many secrets are enshrouded for this or that reason and they don't necessarily have to do with anything shamanic or anything that has to do with natural mysteries. What I attempt to help you with and explain is to reveal the nature of life and its natural mysteries in a way that is not only palatable but also in a way that can be as easily understood as possible.

     I know that the nature then of mysticism has been confused but if you examine any of my writings in my books or in my blogs such as you might find here or for example here you will discover that my identification with this word is entirely about revealing and it is my intention to continue to do so.

     I will say this one last thing about being a Mystic. I encourage those of you who have knowledge and wisdom about things shamanic and things to do with the natural world of animals and yes - our natural born innate abilities that Creator has deemed to bless upon us, to speak about these matters.

     It is possible now to help people to remember who they are, what they're doing here, why they're here and how they can access this knowledge and these capabilities within themselves. I have attempted to do this with my blogs and my books.

     I know a great many of you out there have much to share as well. Please do so and in the course of that I wish you well.


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