Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trance Channeling - What Is It Really

Greetings, my name is Robert Shapiro and I am a Shaman, Mystic and Professional Trance Channel. I've been channeling for a great many years now and I have quite a few books out which you might be able to discover if you follow the links.

I want to talk a little bit today about what Trance Channeling really is. For one thing, that term is a misnomer. There's no real trance involved. What it is is an altered state.

For those of you who do TM or meditation or get into inspired states where you feel to do this or feel to say that - it's very similar.

Trance Channeling is really speaking with inspiration. In my case I feel an actual energy - something physical. Not something vague or something hard to understand but something that's actually physical.

In my case I also experience something where my ego steps out of the way. I do not need to edit what's coming out. I also allow as much of the beings personality and energy to pass through me so that others may experience a greater sense of that being's identity. What comes out comes out in an inspired state with energy. Many people who are sensitive feel the energy and many people who do not consider themselves to be sensitive, though they may be, often experience a relaxed state.

This is not intended to coerce anyone. It is not intended to change anyone's mind. It is simply another way of bringing forth knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that we can consider with thought and perhaps if you so choose even act on in various suggested ways.

If you check any of my books or my blogs you will see that a great deal is suggested and homework is given. If you go to You Tube you will find quite a bit of my channeling a being known as Grandfather.

I'm not going to wear you down with all the steps that were necessary to get to the point where I am now. It did take many years of fine tuning to create a one hundred percent clear contact. So those of you who may be struggling with this know that it's alright to take your time to get to the point where you are bringing through knowledge, wisdom, information and yes perhaps even energy that is clear and that you feel good about.

You'll know that you're moving towards clarity when you listen back to it and you hear one or more things that you didn't know. Trance Channeling is simply another way of experiencing benevolent energies spoken with personality through a physical human being who can, through training, pass this through in a most benevolent way.


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